Job Options For Art History Majors

2009 March 4

You’ve studied hard.  You’ve passed all of your finals with flying colors, and you’re about to walk down that aisle to get your art history degree.  You’re so proud that all of your hard work has gotten you this far – but have you given any thought to job options for art history majors?

Chances are that you have given it loads of thought; in fact, one of the most popular online search terms used by art history majors is in relation to finding a career post-graduation.  But if you’re wondering how you’re going to pay the bills with your art history degree without sacrificing the career of your dreams, then it’s time to cheer up: we’ve got the ultimate tips that will transform your art history degree into a lucrative path towards highly desirable job options for art history majors!

Academia – The life of an art history professor is highly desirable for art history majors.  What other job allows you to teach your passion while conducting research on some of the most famous works of art in the world?  In order to attain a position as an art history professor, you’ll need to attend grad school and get your Ph.D., as well as land an internship or a fellowship.  There’s keen competition for professorships, so make sure you attend a grad school with a great reputation.

Museums – Popular job options for art history majors can be found in museums all over the world, where art history majors are sought out for their expertise on the world’s greatest works of art.  Art history majors can be hired as curators, docents and archivists; if you’re interested in working at a museum, try volunteering or landing an internship there first – your chances of being hired will significantly improve.

Advertising Agencies – Chances are you probably knew that academia and museums contained great job options for art history majors – but did you know that advertising agencies love to hire art historians straight out of university?  Since art historians have a keen eye for what will make a work of art stand out, they’re highly desired by competitive agencies.  Send your resume out to one if you want to try a different career field.

Galleries and Auction Houses – Fancy getting a glamorous job where you’re regarded as a top expert in your field?  Then work at an art gallery or an auction house, where your expertise can be the deciding factor in what sells and what’s left out in the cold.  Salaries are generous in these fields as well, so your bank account will be well-fed as you do what you love.

Despite what some other majors may tell you (economics or law, anyone?), there are plenty of job options for art history majors out there – and potential employers are lining up at the door to hire you.  Make sure your resume is as professional and powerful as possible as you get ready to achieve a career that you’ve always dreamed of!

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