Salary Information For Art History Jobs

2009 March 4

If you believe popular rumors, then choosing an art history major means that you’re dooming yourself to a career that’s not exactly as lucrative as if you chose a major in economics or accounting.  However, this couldn’t be any further from the truth – some of the best jobs available for art history majors are not only fulfilling and challenging; they’re downright profitable!

So if you’re looking into an art history major but are afraid you won’t find a job that’ll pay for your student loan bills after graduation – or if you’re just trying to get a direction for a job that will leave you feeling fulfilled and financially stable – then take a look at salary information for art history jobs.

Teacher/Professor – Teaching can be a lucrative option for art history majors, especially if you’ve achieved post-graduate degrees and are employed by a top university.  High schools can also offer great salaries for art teachers.  Salaries for high school art teachers range from $28K to $56K depending on your state, while professors can earn anywhere from $32K to $70K, and even more after several years depending on the university where you work.

Museum Curator – Again, your salary will depend on where you’re hired; for example, a curator at a major museum in a metropolitan city will earn far more than a curator at a museum in a small town.  Salaries can start anywhere from $29K – $45K and rise up to $70K to $110K depending on where you live.

Antiques Or Art Dealer – If you venture into the world of antiques or art dealing, be prepared for the possibility of earning plenty of profits.  Expert antiques and art dealers are expected to be well-versed in art and art history, which is why art history majors are highly desired in this career field.  Salaries are based largely off of commission, but can range from $35K to the six-figure field if hired in a large city or metropolitan area.

Art Advisor – Want to be involved in the art world, but are keen on setting your own hours?  A surprising yet lucrative career choice for art history majors is an art advisor, who recommends pieces of art to interested collectors as key investment pieces.  An expert knowledge in art and art history is vital, which means that you’ll have a leg up on the competition.  The salary for an art advisor is quite generous as well, with major art advisors earning up to $65K – $95K depending on the client.

As you can see, holding a degree in art history can direct you to a career that’s not only fulfilling, challenging and exciting – it can also be quite a cash cow.  Of course, like with most career fields, it’s important to keep in mind that you’ll have to start at the low-end of the salary ladder; but with hard work and dedication, you’ll climb to the top of the salary rung in no time.  Besides, you’ll be doing something that you love – and that’s one thing that’s impossible to put a price on!

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