Top Ten Schools For Art History

2009 March 4

One of the life’s most difficult choices definitely is choosing a major or subject in college – but luckily for you, you’ve already got your art history concentration picked out before even applying for college.  Knowing that your heart belongs to art history can definitely help you in deciding what you want to do for the rest of your life – but what about when it comes down to picking a top school for art history?  After all, it’s no secret that your school’s reputation counts when it comes time to apply for your dream job or for that fellowship.

You can breathe a sigh of relief, because we’ve taken the guesswork out of identifying the top ten schools for art history.  These rankings have been determined based on a number of important statistics, all of which will play an important factor once it’s time for you to go job-hunting.  Don’t forget, reputation is very important when it comes to compiling the rankings for the top ten schools for art history, so if you get into one of these programs, then give yourself a hearty pat on the back.  Get out your pen, because once you see the top ten schools for art history, you’ll want to apply right away!

1.    Yale University
2.    New York University – Institute Of Fine Arts
3.    Columbia University
4.    University of California – Berkeley
5.    Harvard University
6.    Princeton University
7.    University of Michigan
8.    Northwestern University
9.    University of Pennsylvania
10.    University of Chicago

These rankings have been complied based on student to faculty ratios, published papers, prestigious scholarships and number of applicants each year.  While many of the schools are close together in rank, attending a number one school as opposed to a number nine school can make or break the difference between a highly desirable fellowship or position at a renowned museum.

It’s important to note that these rankings have been complied based on graduate schools, where specific programs are ranked as opposed to the reputation of the entire school, as is common with undergraduate colleges and universities.  However, if you’re thinking of your art history major before applying for your undergraduate education, becoming familiar with these schools could give you a leg up when it comes time to applying for graduate school.

Of course, when it comes to attending an art history program, you’ll want to pick one that’s right for you.  Even if you attend the number one school for art history – in this case, Yale University – you’ll be absolutely miserable if it’s not the right fit.  That’s a great way to really throw your art history dreams for a loop!  Take your potential school’s reputation into account, but avoid letting it be the deciding factor when choosing the right art history school for you – your fantastic work will definitely speak for itself when it comes time to applying for jobs, fellowships and professorships.

So what are you waiting for?  It’s time to achieve your career dreams by applying to one of the top ten schools for art history!

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