Job Opening – Executive Director (09/2012)

2012 September 28

Bemis Center for Contemporary Arts
Omaha, Nebraska

Duties and Responsibilities
1. Fundraising and development.

a. Responsible for all fundraising activities including grants, sponsorships, individual donors, membership and art sales.
b. Develops fundraising plan and ties fundraising and development plan to operating budget.
c. Coordinates annual Art Auction and other major fund raising events.

2. Management and leadership.

a. Manages and directs Bemis Center staff (day-to-day oversight and decision-making, staff development, hiring/firing, training, organization design, goal-setting, performance feedback, etc.)
b. Must be a strong and effective leader.
c. Displays a thorough knowledge and appreciation of different styles of art, artists and their techniques, art history, and in particular contemporary art. Understands the creative process and provides an environment that fosters creativity and positive energy.
d. Responsible for financial oversight to ensure the ongoing viability of the Bemis Center for Contemporary Arts.
e. Develops annual operations plans and budget for review and approval by Board of Directors.
f. Anticipates and plans for capital needs (renovations & improvements, substantial repairs, expansion, etc.) and incorporates such plans into annual planning process and budgets
g. Responsible for ongoing communications with Board of Directors. Reports on Bemis Center activities at all Board of Director meetings and participates in discussions pertaining to the operation of the Center. Reports immediately any activity or event that potentially reflects on the reputation of the Bemis Center or its Board.

3. Strategy and mission.

a. With guidance from the Bemis Board of Directors, establishes long-term strategic direction for the Bemis Center for Contemporary Arts.
b. Organize annual strategic review.
c. Prioritize projects and activities based on relevance to and efficacy in respect of the mission of the Bemis Center.

4. Community engagement.

a. Engage with key stakeholder to advance the Bemis’ standing and effectiveness to achieve its mission related to artist residency. Relevant communities are not limited by geography. The key stakeholders include funders, artists and arts professionals.
b. Participates in public events as the principal spokesperson for the Bemis Center.
c. Oversees the development/management of the Bemis “brand.”

Personal Attributes and Characteristics

-Can-Do Attitude: The Bemis Center’s culture can best be described as goal-oriented and high performance; the successful candidate will be comfortable in a highly visible and accountable setting.
-Entrepreneurial: Resourceful, flexible and able to leverage small investments into large returns.
-Team-Player: Strong leader, able to work and manage collegially in a distributed team environment.
-Hands-On: Will lead the charge and lead by example.
-Disciplined: Brings a proven ability to deliver to plan; has a savvy and pragmatic approach to the implementation of strategic objectives.
-Effective Communicator: Proven ability to manage, negotiate and communicate successfully with partners, peers, vendors, etc.


The ideal candidate for the position should possess:
*Bachelor’s degree and a thorough background in administration is required. MBA or other relevant advanced degree is desirable. Strong knowledge and background in arts management required.
*Minimum of 5 years full-time management work experience in a nonprofit or arts related organization preferred. Extensive, proven team leadership and managerial experience is required. Excellent communication and leadership skills. Ability to interact with diverse groups of people. Public relations experience desirable. Fundraising experience required.
*Deep experience and knowledge in one or more artistic disciplines with a passion for learning about all artistic disciplines.
*Experience working in a fast-paced, entrepreneurial environment is preferred.
*Extensive experience reporting to a Board of Directors required.
*Proven experience initiating, leading and implementing short- and long-term strategic organizational plans is required.

Please email to inquire or apply for this position.

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